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Electrical 101: Know Basics of Electrical Plan


Power failures, tripped breakers, and other electrical problems can happen at any time and make life difficult. Given how common these events are, it’s no surprise that electrical issues are also common, making it necessary for homeowners to have a basic understanding of what an electrical plan is and how it works.

Understanding the essential components of an electrical plan is a great way to better familiarize yourself with your own wiring so that you can troubleshoot problems when they arise. It is also important to understand which portion of your electrical service is under the responsibility of your local utility and which sections are your responsibility. Let’s look at the basics of an electrical plan to help you grasp the importance of this schematic and how it helps you.

What is the Purpose of an Electrical Plan?

An electrical plan is a blueprint used during the construction process of a structure to guide electricians and electricians on the planned electrical system of the building. It is drawn to scale and shows the placement of the electrical system in your home or building. The plan also details any special requirements of the customer, such as unique accessories or location-specific situations. The information contained in the plan is then given to the licensed electrician so that they can appropriately wire the structure with the customer’s requirements in mind.

How is an Electrical Plan Drawn?

The level of detail in the plan can vary greatly depending on the experience of the home designer and the type of building being designed. The more detail included in the plan, the easier it will be for the electrician to determine where each element of the electrical system is located. Most electrical plans are either hand-drawn or created using computer software.

What is Included in an Electrical Plan?

As with any diagram, an electrical plan is rife with information. The details included in an electrical plan are as follows:

  • The size and type of wiring used throughout the building
  • The number of circuits required
  • The type of service and voltage provided by the utility company
  • The location of switches, outlets, fixtures and other electrical devices
  • Details about the electrical system in terms of the conduit and wiring location

Benefits of Understanding Your Home’s Electrical Plan

The electrical plan is the blueprint for your home’s electrical system. As such, you need to understand it to ensure that your electrical system is doing what you need it to do. Here are some of the main benefits of understanding your electrical plan:

  • Know where the electrical system components are located
  • Assure that electrical work is done correctly by licensed electricians
  • Identify potential hazards associated with the electrical system
  • Find the location of your fuse box
  • Identify the location of your circuit breakers
  • Find the location of your main service panel
  • Verify that the electrical system conforms to current building codes
  • Identify areas of the home that are in need of electrical upgrades
  • Verify that the electrical system is safe for you and your family
  • Understand how the electrical system works within the house or building


The basics of an electrical plan are as straightforward as they are useful. Understanding the specific details of your plan is important to ensure that the electrician installs the correct electrical devices and follows the requirements you have for your home. You can save yourself a great deal of frustration by taking the time to understand the basics of an electrical plan.

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