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8 Reasons To Choose Gemstone Lights For Your Smart Home

gemstone lights

Gemstone lights may have piqued your interest. They are a cost-effective and simple solution to light up your exterior while also providing various lighting options. If you’re thinking about smart home installation services in Lethbridge, including gemstone lighting, here are ten reasons to think about it.

Animated Lights

Gemstone lighting is pre-programmed to include various patterns to animate your home. Each of these designs gives you many possibilities for tailoring the display to your specific preferences. You’ll have a lot of fun altering the display from the comfort of your couch with the iOS and Android apps.

Control Via Touch Screen

Most gemstone lights-specific iOS and Android apps are built particularly for the gemstone lights systems. You can manage the lights in your home from any place you have an internet connection because it’s cloud-based. This program allows you to build new profiles and designs from the comfort of your sofa, rather than having to climb a ladder outside!

Warm Tones

While gem-toned lights make a big statement, there are times when you want a more subtle ambiance in your house. The warm white lights make a beautiful backdrop for summer nights or elegant Christmas decorations.

Waterproof Connectors for Individuals

Each gemstone light is independently linked and weatherproof. These lights are weatherproof, and because they aren’t part of a larger strip, a bad bulb may be replaced without affecting the rest of the lights. This saves both money and resources.

Architectural Light

Gemstone light system gives you the freedom to draw attention to specific areas of your home. Maybe you’d rather have the front porch lights turned on or a backyard hideaway for summer get-togethers. You could choose to replace old pot lights with efficient LED bulbs to improve the system’s operation and save money. You can create the architectural appearance and feel you want by connecting it with an app.

Timed Sequences 

Rather than dealing with plug-in timers and strings of traditional lights, the gemstone lighting system offers an infinite number of timed sequence possibilities. You can make as many lighting schedules as you want and turn them on and off anytime. You can even set them up to repeat regularly.


The lights are made to look like they were part of the original design for your home or company. The design considers this and features a low profile that allows the lights to be hidden when not in use. When it’s time to shine, your lights can take center stage with this high-end style by reaching out to electrical experts in Lethbridge. 

Warranty That Covers Everything

The best LED bulbs have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours, greatly beyond other lighting items. While the bulbs are expected to last 20 years on average, some lighting brands offer a 3-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. This warranty guarantees the quality of items. Natural disasters such as fire, lightning, wind, and tornadoes may not be covered.


The gemstone lights system is an initial expenditure, but when you consider the LEDs’ longevity and the ease of never having to install lights again, you’ll find that it’s well worth it. Consider changing the app’s schedule to reflect how you want your home to look throughout the holidays. There’s no need to go to the store or climb the ladder!

But, aside from the holidays, you’ll be using this illumination all year—for other holidays and general ambient lighting. This investment in smart home installation services is worthwhile in the long run. You’ll also have the most attractive house on the street! 

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