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The Uses of Fiber Optic Cables in Offices

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cables enable quick data transfer and support networks with many users and devices. If you’re still using an older network in your office, read on to see how fiber optics can offer more benefits than you may have realized.

1. For a Reliable Internet Connection

Your office’s internet connection is essential for all your employees. If anyone’s internet goes down, everyone suffers. If you want to ensure reliable internet for your employees, consider upgrading to a fiber optic network. Fiber optic cables are made of glass or plastic, making them much more durable than copper wires. They’re also better at transmitting light signals, so you’ll get consistent internet connections throughout your building.

2. For a Cable Television with a Clear Signal

Cable television offers much more than the ability to watch movies and shows. It allows your employees to connect on video calls, listen to radio stations and access other audio and video content. If you use cable television for your office, you must get a high-quality signal everywhere in the building. Fiber optic cables give you a clear signal that is much more consistent than a copper cable.

3. For a Stable Telephone Connection

Let’s say your employee needs to call the plumber. She wants to fix the problem ASAP and talk to the plumber instead of looking up the number and waiting on hold. A stable telephone connection is essential for business, so you must ensure a good landline for your business. A fiber optic network ensures reliable telephone transmissions so your employees can always talk to the right people immediately.

4. For Lighting

Fiber optic cables are not only transmitting data. They’re also transmitting light signals. These signals are powerful so that they can penetrate through walls and other obstructions. Your lighting will be more consistent when you get a network infrastructure with fiber optic cables.

These are just a few ways fiber optic cables can help your commercial building run more smoothly. Contact us to find out what other benefits are available and how you can upgrade to a fiber-optic network.

5. For Security

Security is a top priority for most businesses. Fiber optic cables add an extra layer of protection to your building security. Because the signal is carried by light instead of electricity, there’s less chance of signal interference or loss. This means you’ll have fewer signal issues, which means better security.

6. For High-Speed Data Transfer

Let’s say you’re a computer repair shop. Your customers bring in their computers, and you have to access their hard drives. If you’re using an older network, it can take a long time to upload and download this data. Fiber optic cables allow faster data transfer, so you can quickly get what you need and send it back to your customer.


Fiber optic cables provide many benefits for your business. If you’re still using a copper cable network, it’s time to upgrade. Fiber optic cables provide a higher quality network for a variety of uses. They’re more durable, have faster download and upload times and provide a more consistent signal.

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