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Why Is It Important to Upgrade Your Electric Panel?

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The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors advises that you regularly evaluate your electric panel even if you haven’t needed to make any electrical repairs. 

In particular, keep an eye out for burning or rust, both of which are symptoms of more serious system damage. Therefore, you should include electrical panel maintenance in your monthly schedule. 

You may, however, occasionally need to replace your current electric panel with a more modern one.

Electric panels typically need to be replaced every twenty-five to forty years, so if your house is that old, you probably need to change. 

However, there are also crucial warning signals to watch out for that will let you know when your current system is getting old and needs to be replaced. Read on to know the vital reasons behind upgrading your electric panel.

Experiencing Defective Wiring

Safety is paramount when it comes to wiring and power in a home. One of the main reasons for home fires in America is faulty wiring. 

In general, older wiring is more likely to be defective, but regularly checking your electric panel by a qualified electrician will reveal any problems.

Any electrical wiring you are unsure of might require the services of an electrician. Avoid prodding around in areas where there might be harm or errors made by others.

There could be a variety of issues hidden in the wiring if you are new to the house or are just beginning to remodel the basement. 

There could be code violations, water damage, or dampness, or someone else may have tried and failed before you.

Your electrician can find any potential trouble spots. Before any repair begins, they can provide you with an examination, so you are fully aware of your situation.

Setting Up New Appliances

One of the main justifications for replacing an electric panel is that it is incapable of handling modern equipment. Your current electric panel might not be adequate if you want to add a large new appliance to your house, like an air conditioner or hot tub.

If you install an air conditioner without upgrading your electric panel, the power it provides may not be adequate, causing the circuit breakers to trip repeatedly.

Your existing electrical panel might not be adequate if you’re planning a home or basement remodel that would increase your home’s electrical consumption, such as adding a new room.

Adding Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are a more contemporary variant of fuses. Both work on the same principle: they shut off a circuit when the current in it rises too high, stopping the flow of energy. This offers a significant safety feature within a house.

A fuse and a circuit breaker vary primarily in that a fuse is single-use. When the stream is too strong, they begin to melt. 

In addition to requiring more work than just resetting a circuit breaker, replacing a fuse can also provide a fire risk in some cases. Fuse boxes are no longer put in dwellings by home builders.

If your property has a fuse box, it is definitely worth looking into upgrading. Fuse boxes not only raise additional safety issues but might also be a factor in why home insurance providers decline to cover your house.


If you want to prepare your home for the future, upgrading your electrical panel is a fantastic option. Electrical panels need to be updated every generation, so it is worthwhile to include an electrical panel upgrade if you are doing some renovation or rewiring.

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