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Asking the Right Questions to an Electrical Contractor


Different types of electricians exist. It’s crucial to obtain numerous bids when hiring an electrician for a residential or business project, as well as to take a variety of aspects into account.

However, it might be challenging to choose the ideal electrical contractor for your residence or place of business. Knowing which business or contractor is appropriate for your needs might be challenging with so many options available. 

The best way to ensure you’re choosing the right company is to ask the right questions. It can help you determine if they have the experience and qualifications to get the job done right.

When assessing electrical contractors, consider asking the following inquiries.

Are You Licensed and Covered by Insurance?

If the contractor is hesitant to respond or answers “no” to these basic inquiries, use it as a warning. Regardless of the project’s intricacy, make sure the contractor is insured and has workers’ compensation coverage. 

Without a doubt, if the contractor doesn’t have workers’ compensation, any injuries sustained by the electrician while on the job will be covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Do You Currently Comply with All Permits and Code Requirements?

Particularly for smaller projects, not all contractors who advertise electrical services are licensed. It is also not a guarantee that all contractors adhere to the most recent code requirements and industry standards. 

Electricians and contractors take advantage of chances for continuing education on a regular basis and rigorously stay up to date on state license and code requirements. 

You should demand that your contractor shows proof of compliance with code and license requirements on any task, no matter how big or little. The cost of redoing a non-compliant job could increase if you fail to do this now.

Do You Have a Drug-Free Workplace Policy at Your Company?

Be sure to ask this to your potential contractor! Not all electrical contractors have a business drug policy that guarantees the client that the electricians on their project abide by a policy that requires training and sporadic testing.

What Is Your Level of Experience?

It is certainly appropriate to inquire about a contractor’s background and personnel training procedures. For commercial employment, electricians must finish a five-year apprenticeship program; for residential work, it is a three-year program. 

Both include classroom instruction as well as supervised, on-the-job training to learn both traditional and cutting-edge technologies. Journeyman training is also available to union electricians, and they can take advantage of it to keep their skills current.

Do You Employ Locals?

Many clients, both residential and commercial, prefer to work with electricians who are local. Local workers are employed directly by union electrical contractors, and they also have access to more local workers through the union halls in the region. 

By using a local electrician, the contractor can be sure that they are sending someone with the necessary skills and work ethic to your task.

How Long Has Your Company Been Around?

Look for relevant references. This is a basic inquiry that any respectable contractor ought to be able to respond to with confidence. It’s crucial to be able to demonstrate a history of producing high-quality work, and your contractor should be happy to give you references.

An excellent reputation and high-quality work cannot be overvalued. The business should employ highly qualified electricians with years of expertise, thorough training, and unmatched commitment to the community and their field.


Knowing that your job is in capable hands and will be completed correctly the first time gives you ease. You may gain the assurance you need that the contractor you pick will deliver both value and quality work by asking these questions during the bidding process.

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