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At D.A. Electric we take safety seriously – it has been embedded in our company culture since day one. Our Founder Del Allen, always raise our brand in the culture of safe work practices, we have families too, and take our responsibility for safe work practices and job sites to the highest standard.

Being an electrician can be a dangerous occupation, and D.A. Electric makes it a priority to keep our workers safe in the field by mandating and enforcing our company-wide safety plan, the D.A. Electric Ltd. Safety and Health Program. Equipping our labour force with the most up-to-date equipment, such as hard hats, gloves, safety glasses and vests.

Performing a job hazard analysis prior to each project and on-site inspections throughout the construction process. Regularly inspecting and replacing worn or damaged equipment such as ladders and lifts, trucks, all equipment is checked before each job order. We are accountable to frequent inspections, permits and transparency of our records.

Holding weekly on-site safety meetings.
Complying with OSHA regulations. Complying with National, Provincial and City Safety Regulations to the highest degree.
Complying with Core Certificate Standards.

Investigating Power Failures, having support and technical staff on hand in case of emergencies 24/7/365 To be available and accountable to our customers, corporate, retail, business and general safety and well-being of the public. As we are a utility based industry, we have our safety regulations enforced and comply.

To regularly enforce and uphold our safety policies, D.A. Electric has a full-time safety director, Safety Inspectors routinely visits all company job sites to evaluate and assess the safety of the work performed, techniques used and working conditions. Our qualifications include a Principles of Occupational and Health Certificate; Core Certificate, completion of OSHA Course #500; NFPA 70E Electrical Safe Work Practices Certificate; Advanced Safety Certificate; CPR/First Aid Instructor Certification Card; and Supervisor Training Card. First Aid Stations, Our employees are trained and prepared to handle any emergencies on the job site. Learn more about D.A. Electric’s safety training program, call or email Doug Allen – Director, D.A. Electric Ltd.


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